Laughter is the Best Medicine

I broke my ankle in 2017 and spent nearly 3 months
in rehab, which I assure you was no picnic.  I became
very familiar with Matlock, and  Hallmark movies.

I nearly lost my leg in the ordeal, due to infection,  but gratefully I was spared having to go hippity-hopping everywhere.  I didn’t do well on one leg for 9 weeks, I assure you. 

I learned to tell stories (true ones) that kept the hired help entertained,  and I learned to laugh at myself to keep from crying.  Laughter is the best medicine.

I am Diabetic and have Narcolepsy. so there was plenty to talk about. The CNA’s and PT’s would often remark that I was so “interesting”.  I found myself falling asleep during physical therapy and the therapist woud say “Linda, wake up” Yeah, they probably thought I was crazy.

Most of the other patients there were morose and mostly lifeless.  Some wouldn’t even get out of bed all day long. I’m sure the hired help thought none of those stories I told were true.  How could anyone be so upbeat and positive in a place like that?

That first night in rehab   I sunk so low, I didn’t think there was any possibility of surviving this ordeal.  It was impossible!  I couldn’t put any weight on my broken leg – no weight bearing!   -0–

I had to relearn how to do everything on one leg.  Everything!!  How to get out of bed, turn and sit in the wheelchair, all on one leg.

That was called “a transfer.”  Now I wasn’t a small person, mind you, at 255 lbs.   My legs were little spindles with most of the weight from the hips up.

You try standing on only one leg and pivoting around to sit down in a chair at the side of the bed. You are half drugged out of your mind (so you don’t feel the pain that your diabetic legs can’t feel anyway) LOL

It was almost a joke.  And even funnier to watch if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Then getting into the bathroom was easy.  They just “wheeled you in there”, but now you have to stand up again on one leg. pivot on that one leg, 3 or four times, now sit down.  Oh no, you moved the portable stool as you sat down.  Ooops.  Well, I guess housekeeping can take care of the spills.

Finished? OK stand up again, pivot (oh the handicap bar helped a lot there).  Now sit down again. “NO WAIT till I get the chair under you”  Always  feel with your  hand  around behind you and find the wheel chair handle to make sure the chair is there before you sit down”!!

WOW, I decided to remain in that chair the rest of the day.  But after I went to bed that first night, as I said before, I went to a very dark dark place that I felt there was no escaping.  It was hopeless.

I was sure I would suffer the same fate my own mother had experienced when her ankle never healed from a broken bone.  She died!  I was nearly the same age, and this was the same scenario.

  • Broken ankle
  • Diabetes
  • Survive Rehab
  • Open Wound that had to heal
  • Possibility of infection due to contamination from the pool water that I  broke my ankle in
  • And last but foremost in my mind was,   “You’ll most likely loose your leg  Sign here to say you understand the risk.”

If I cried, my head would stuff up and I couldn’t breathe, so DON’T CRY.  and the final problem, you’ve got to sleep on your back (which I couldn’t do because mucus would drop down my throat and I couldn’t breathe) PERFECT!!

And there you have it.  The horrible solution to an imperfect day.

  • Hopelessness,
  • impossibility,
  • I’m going to die.
  • I couldn’t sleep.
  • I was weighed down with the jaws of death lying there opened wide, ready to swallow me up.

When I finally came to my senses, I realized I wasn’t ready to die, and I decided I was never going to go to that place again during this ordeal.  I had to look to the light!

I turned on the light and kept it on at night and even during the day.  From then on, I played music at night, I recorded memories of my life on my iphone, listened to Podcasts, I sometimes watched “I Love Lucy” or whatever was on TV to take my mind off myself.  And from that moment on I never looked back, nor cried (until now)

To recap: to get through rehab, you must

  • Stay away from despair,
  • Laugh,
  • Get out of bed and stay up
  • Attend physical  therapy
  • Tell your attendants stories from your life. Your life has been full of events that need to be told.
  • Get a smart phone and start recording YOUR LIFE stories as you remember them.
  • Record THIS experience, ALL of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly

And now LAUGH at the humor that you see in the memory.  After all, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

About Me


About me -Narcolepsy and  Other Maladies

My health was impacted by Narcolepsy as a teenager and throughout my 20’s.  It was through an EEG at the age of 17 that I was diagnosed, and the narcolepsy definition  was pronounced upon me.  Of course, the usual narcolepsy drug treatment, Dexedrine was prescribed.  Ritalin was the generic name, or so they told me.

Medications were affecting my memory

By the age of 26, I was losing my memory and that was not promising.   By about the age of 28, I read a magazine article about HYPOGLYCEMIA and got tested for it. (Every letter had a woman’s name attached.  Helen, Yolynda, Pauline, etc.) Yep, there was an L for me too.  Sure enough, I had it.

The diagnosis was made after a 6 hour fasting blood sugar test was performed.  If I would have had  a 3 hour Glucose test, the diagnosis would have been Diabetes with a Glucose reading of 259.  But in the 4th hour my veins collapsed, and by hour 6 my Glucose count was 49.

NOTE: Absolutely always take a 6 hour Glucose Tolerance Test if you are checking for Hypoglycemia.

Until this point, I had depended upon Dexedrine to help keep me awake.  If I failed to take it, I would hear my two young sons, (in my slumber,) saying “Is she asleep yet?”  as they were peeking around the corner of the room.  They lived for the moment I fell asleep because they could raid the recently purchased groceries that I was often too tired to put away.

Never say anything about me however,  when you think I’m asleep because I hear every word. =)  My husband warns people about that as they start talking about me as I slumber.  And of course, I answer “You better believe it!”

I knew I had to get off the Dexedrine when my memory started failing me at the young age of 25..  I attributed the memory loss to the drug itself.  So when I found the article Hypoglycemia, I went on the diet described in the magazine. For an entire year, my family  of 5  only consumed  (5) five pounds of sugar and a large can of honey for sweetening koolaid, cookies, breads, cakes, etc.  Indeed, I was able to eliminate my narcotic drug dexedrine.  Little did I know that low blood sugar would eventually lead to Diabetes.

If Narcolepsy were the only health issue I had

I always said if Narcolepsy was the only malady  I ever had, then I could live with it.  But, with marriage and childbearing also came weight gain. hypoglycemia, blood pressure and finally diabetes.   Of course, with Diabetes comes the breakdown of major organs beginning with the eyes for me, then heart, and gallbladder.

My drug allergies 

It has been my misfortune to have several allergies to several prescription drugs, and even some over-the-counter meds.  Consequently, I am one who believes in taking charge of my own health.  I use the doctor for diagnosis and his advice and then look for alternative solutions unless it is critical, like a heart attack or broken bone.

 How that works for me 

Most people who have Diabetes, have a whole page of meds they take.   But In the prescriptive drug arena I only take a regular Insulin for my Insulin pump, and an occasional Lasix (furosemide-generic) when retaining water.

Today I take nothing for Narcolepsy.  On the other hand, I have found several nutritional supplements that are advantageous for BP, Immune health, Heart Health and things like this.

As an overweight individual of 250+ pounds, I am quite healthy, and when everyone else is getting sick, I can usually ward off the flu and colds, thanks to my supplements.  That is probably quite surprising considering all the breakdown of my body’s organs.

Family life vs Entrepreneur

My life has been full of family, having 9 children, so I preferred to stay home during those years the children were at home. Consequently, I became an entrepreneur, earning a car in one of my company experiences while all 9 children were at home, and before the internet.

Recently, I have been studying marketing using SEO websites and Affiliate Marketing. I have felt there must be a way to use the internet to make money, but until now have not known how to actually make money using the Internet.  I feel it is imperative for me to share this newfound knowledge with others, to possibly save some people the time and horrible expense that it has cost me.

I enjoy helping others and sharing my experiences and expertise with others. At the New You,  I combine solutions to both health and wealth challenges.  I hope you will follow my blog and read other articles I post about health and wealth issues and possibly find the “New You”.

Thank you for reading about me.   If you have comments or questions please leave them below and I will answer them.


Warning signs of heart attack or stroke

A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours at the ER because my left arm was having severe aching from my shoulder to the elbow. The pain then radiated down to my wrist. I knew this was one of the early warning signs of heart attack or stroke.

A good doctor friend from out of town, who I often go to for medical advice, told me I needed to go to the ER to rule out a heart attack.  “The least they’ll do is send you back home, but then you’ll know.”

After an EKG, administering Some heavy pain and anti-inflammation medications, and a couple of hours later, I was sent home with Prescriptions for some pain pills andand antiinflammation pills. Whew, it was only bursitus.

I have heart arrhythmia which is kept in check by a pacemaker, so I have been made well aware of the symptoms of a heart attack. Not to mention that my husband had almost died from a heart attack ten years before.
So I don’t mess around when it comes to heart attack symptoms.

I have a few medicines that I am allergic to and so I am always alert to my sensitivity to meds. Consequently, I look for alternative steps to take instead of medications, where ever possible.

About 35 years ago I learned about some magnets to wear in the shoes which helped my peripheral neuropathy symptoms immensely.   I still have a good pulse at my ankles.  and the jabby prickly pains from neuropathy are seldom felt. I have often used a smaller magnet on painful areas.

So the thought occurred to me, to try using those shoe magnets on my arm. I laid them on the bed, Under my arm and crazy as it sounds, the pain was gone next morning. And I didn’t have to use more than one pain or inflammation pill after my ER “dry run” to the hospital.

I remember making “dry run” to the hospital when I was ready to deliver some of my children.  I hated to go there only to be told that I was not in labor.  So you have to know how reluctant I was to go unnecessarily to the ER.

Heart attack warning signs

What are the Signs of a heart attack or stroke?

The American heart Association States:
know the warning signs of Heart attack and stroke

  • Chest discomfort
  • Discomfort in other areas of the upper back
  • Pain or numbing in the left arm
  • Shortness of breath
  • Breaking into a cold sweat
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness

Learn the signs, but remember: even if you’re not sure it’s a heart attack, have it checked out.  Minutes matter!  Best action can save lives – maybe your own.  Don’t wait – call 911 or your emergency response number.“

This was my own experience. I am not a medical advisor, nor do I give medical advice!  But The American Medical Association makes it pretty clear.

I share this experience with you in the hope that one of you reading this will have the knowledge and courage to act and perhaps even save yours or one of your loved ones’ life.

When all is said and done, when it comes to symptoms of a heart attack, it’s better to be safe, and embarrassed than sorry, with regrets.

I would love to hear your experience and comments below.

I always considered myself a baby boomer

I’m “almost” a baby boomer

I always considered myself a baby boomer until recently when I saw a definitive time for the baby boomers. So I guess I’m “almost” a baby boomer having been born in 1943 and the boomers didn’t start until 1946-64 (when WWII ended).

My health was typically good with having had all the childhood illnesses, except mumps. The mumps didn’t come until I had four children and we all got them at the same time. Well, I think one of the kiddos brought them home from school and then the rest of us came down with the mumps at the same time.

They didn’t have the mumps shot in those days. We didn’t have Google to keep us up-to-date with all the latest information about disease and immunization. Instead, I had to use common sense and wonder?  So the smallpox vaccination was discontinued when my second child was born around 1967.

It seems that more people were dying from the smallpox vaccine than not. So they discontinued it with the idea that if there is an epidemic that breaks out. they will resume vaccinations for it, but otherwise not.

I used to paint morning glory leaves with DDT. To kill it, and wow, did it kill those little nuisances.  To think I was using it in the garden where our food was contaminated by it makes me shriek with horror.   When they realized DDT was a poison it was not available anymore.

The day DDT  was done away with was about the same time as the smallpox vaccine was stopped.   And then there was fluoride that was questioned because it was causing mottling of some peoples’ teeth.  By the time my second child was getting his back teeth growing in, I could see mottling of his teeth. That was three things that had been eliminated or discussed in our lives and now were being deemed potentially unsafe.

Questions, and  More Questions

I started questioning a lot of things? wondering just how safe other immunization vaccine and chemicals that we used on the garden were.  Just how safe were they?  Were there more things I needed to be concerned with?

We often missed immunizations when my children were sick when we were supposed to go get their shots.  Then I became acquainted with other moms who had similar feelings as I had

51 years later there are people admitting that some heavy metals often go into the immunizations.  People are even wondering if immunizations are causing ADD and ADHD and autism in our children.

Connecting the Dots Thru Childhood

I was a very rambunctious child and was probably like one of my granddaughters who just can’t sit still.  My mother would always ask if I had to go to the bathroom because I was wiggling so much.   And so by the time I was 12, I had twice fallen out of 2 different trees and had developed a problem of falling asleep at the table, in school class, immediately after lunch, or in church, or just anytime during the day.

As a child, we lived on an 80-acre farm In Idaho, where my dad milked about 30 head of cows.  So in spite of it being the war time. just after the Great Depression, we had all the food we needed to eat, so I got good nutrition as a child..

The cows provided us the milk and beef. The chickens provided eggs and we even had raised some chickens to eat each year.  The pigs provided bacon and ham And roasts, and sheep gave us mutton and lamb steaks. We had all the cheese and butter we wanted, and our garden and other crops growing on that farm provided plenty of food to eat and clothes to wear. I had no idea that the depression was going on

We didn’t have a television, but we had all kinds of outbuildings to explore and haystacks and straw stacks to build forts in, and trees to climb and chicken coop attics to explore so my childhood was full of activity and I was full of curiosity.

There was an old shop with an accompanying garage and cooled egg house, where we kept the eggs until the truck arrived each week to pick up the eggs.  I learned responsibility by having to gather eggs, brush the eggs, and even wash the eggs if they needed it. There was never a dull moment.

Decision time

After spending 10 years on the farm, my parents were just not getting ahead financially, and so my father had to look for other employment where he could make a sufficient income to put us kids through college. 

My father was faced with similar decisions as we have to make today when we don’t make sufficient for our needs.

I guess $400 a month was hardly sufficient to exist on for a family of five children. Times haven’t changed much since then, except we’ve got quite a few more luxuries we live with now.  And our income is more like $4000 a month now that is needed just to survive.

It was about this time that the symptoms of Narcolepsy began to surface in me.  I couldn’t stay awake, sometimes even when doing things I was excited about.  One Christmas I couldn’t even stay awake to open my packages after a good night’s sleep.

Discovery of Narcolepsy

Everyone considered I was extremely rude to fall asleep.  It wasn’t until I got to college that we found out I had narcolepsy and catalepsy.  When I had an EEG, my brain waves just went straight through most of the test (a sign of the brain sleeping.)  Then there would be three abrupt upside down v’s and then straight lines of sleep again. Over and over again this happened. The doctor called the upside down V’s “catalepsy”.

My doctor put me on dexidrine for narcolepsy and medication that epilepsy patients took for catelepsy.  But he assured me I did not have epilepsy.

I was the youngest in my class in school but I still managed to pull B’s and some A’s And so I graduated high school when I was 17 and entered college before I turned 18.

Learning My Limitations

Other than not being able to stay awake in many of my classes I loved college and still pulled A’s and B’s. I remember taking a history class that started at 7 o’clock in the morning and I could never get to class on time because I couldn’t get going in the morning..

My father always said “set your alarm and then put your feet on the floor as soon as the alarm goes off, “ I did it every day, But I was always coming into that class late.  In fact I flunked that class because I was late even though I had a B average. I learned something about myself that year and that I should never take a 7 AM class.

After I took an EEG brainwave test and discovered that I had narcolepsy, probably from falling out of the tree and landing on my head from a 10 feet fall. When I finish the brainwave test, the nurse said “Wow, you must have been sleeping half your life away”.  That was a true statement – I definitely had been sleeping most of my life away.

The first thing the doctor asked was if I had had a fall sometime in my life.  I told him about falling from the tree and knocking myself out because I fell on my head.  He said “well, it was probably the reason  you have  narcolepsy.”

A nutritional deficiency? 

It never occurred to me that it might be a nutritional deficiency that caused my narcolepsy. So that doctor prescribed some narcotic medication, Dexedrine or Ritalin. After taking those meds for about 10 years on and off, my memory was leaving me and I had miscarried three times. I didn’t know which was worse, the cause or the medicine for the problem.

In the meantime, I abandoned the meds for narcolepsy, tried to deal with it naturally, and manage it through nutrition

We didn’t have a TV,  cell phones, a computer, Google, or Siri to ask for answers to tough questions.  Much water has gone “under the bridge”, so to speak, and I sought ways to inform others about my struggles.

After building two previous websites I began to realize that this is the way to reach many people.

If you want more info on Narcolepsy and my discoveries, you can learn more on my struggle with it on my “About Me” page on this website.


I have lived through many decades of a changing world.  As “almost a baby boomer”,  I know that lots of boomers are retiring now and need extra income.  They also need answers to questions that you may have answers to.  Today we have opportunities to develop our own home business.  The following link will give you more info on how many boomers and others are solving that issue.


 My desire to help others through my experiences is being realized through Wealthy Affiliates.  If you have a desire to help people you might want to check out the opportunity that I have found in affiliate internet marketing and what it is all about.

The difference between internet worldwide web today and the world without even color television in the early baby boomer days is so totally different.  The computer and internet world has definitely made the world seem smaller and more connected

This is a unique chance for you to build your own home business with the help of an entire community of WA.  Welcome to the world of WA.


Oh lookThere’s room for me.

There's a place for me


My front page was just indexed by Google

After only 4 weeks my website’s front page has been indexed by Google.  Yay!!    I made some changes, so I hope that won;t effect it too much.

What an experience this has been.  This WA community has given me confidence and determination to keep on keeping on.

Every day I learn more about how everything works, and I get so exhilarated.  I appreciate all your comments and “likes” and as my stats increase in follow’s, my rank keeps coming up from 300,000 to 40,000 today. Thanks for all your support everyone!

Together we can inspire and help each other!

Three Weeks & Google Found Me!

It’s been three full weeks now on my journey with WA, and what a ride it has been.   My stats on WA have increased to 75 people following me, which I didn’t expect at all!   I’m following a few of you myself.

Google recognized me this week too.  What a thrill to have a popup saying “Google has found you!”  Well, it’s something like that, anyway.  I was found.

I only have two more training modules to get my 1st certification award.  To have so many milepost awards is a great incentivizer.

This community is so awesome.   It is so motivational to me to come into my office each day to check my stats and also see what people have posted.   I learn so much from these posts.  I can ask a question and within minutes someone has answered.  I have only had to contact support once!

Here, at WA, I find an entirely different mindset from other communities that I have joined in the past!  I love the non-judgmental, helpful attitude that WA members have afforded me so far.  It helps me want to take hold of this THING and hang on for the ride.

Where I used to just automatically open a puzzle to play each day (yes I WAS an addict =)  I admit it)   Now, I spend my day working on my website and teaching piano lessons. 

Now that is improvement, I’d say!   YEAH   WA!!

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